What is OlhaConta?

It's a mobile payment system, to move money electronically between mobile phone numbers, enabling it to be easily converted to cash. To send money you must register with an agent and load money into your OLHA conta account. You can then send that money to another mobile phone user. You will be able to centralized all of their financial transactions via their OLHA conta account.


Are you a Bank or Financial provider? Join Our Network! We link mobile operators, financial services organizations, retail distributors, NGOs and other businesses creating a new, collaborative environment that will have wide range of socio economic benefits.

Who can use OLHAconta?

You do not need a bank account to register, and registration is free. If you telecom provider is in the network, you can easily registere on the OLHA conta system. Any registered mobile phone can receive money through OLHA conta­ and the electronic money received can be converted to real cash with an Agent.